Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Read Tarot, See the World!

Just sneaking this in while I’m supposed to be packing for Readers Studio 2013, an annual gathering in New York for Tarot lovers, creators, artists, writers, accessorizers (ha-rumph! Spellcheck doesn’t believe in that word. No matter. I do), collectors and most of all READERS: It’s time!

I am looking forward to seeing all my Readers Studio friends. Several people are unable to make it this year for various personal reasons. I’m going to miss you!

This year we are going to have more Tarot, more Lenormand and I’m dragging along my Junk Oracle for fun. We will have a few days of intense learning and several nights of intense…more than learning!

It’s a fabulous time to see what is new in the realm of cartomancy and indulge in a full day of Tarot and Psychology. It’s a time for me to reflect on what I’ve created over the last few years too. And you know what? I like it. Thank you to all of you who like my work also. Your support and enthusiasm and kindness mean more than I can say.

Hope to see you there at Readers Studio this week! There may be a Twitter or two coming this week, too.

Best wishes and easy travels!


PS--The Dust Bunny Lenormand Third Printing is now available, $20 plus postage, including custom-made case. Contact me for details!

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