Friday, October 15, 2010

News Flashes from the Universe

Sorcerer's Saturday, October 16, noon to 5:30pm at the end of First Street, Benicia, CA. Come for a tarot reading and shop the historic downtown area in Benicia including Angel Heart 4 You.  If you're looking for something slightly different in a shopping opportunity, stop by The Red Raven in Vallejo, CA.  The Red Raven has lots of new and interesting things in time for Samhain; stop by and celebrate.

Come to Angel Heart 4 You's Anniversary Party Sunday, October 17.
Can't make it to Sorcerer's Saturday?  Stop by Angel Heart 4 You for their first anniversary party from 11 am to 6 pm Sunday, October 17.  Most of the intuitive readers (including me) will be there at least for the afternoon, plus there will be free appetizers.  Sample the readers and the snacks and celebrate with Carol and Peg.

Victorian Trade Card Tarot and Art Postcard Tarot are at the printer!
If you've been thinking about ordering one or both decks, there's still time.  Contact me at morganmm at aol dot com.  You can also find me on Facebook.  Each deck is $25 plus postage, limited editions of 100 only self-published numbered decks.

Coming Soon to a Blog near you:  Rosie's Handcrafted Bags with images from Marcia's Tarot Decks!
My friend Rosie and I are combining forces to recycle old blue jeans (plus a judicious raid of my fabric stash) and turn them into fabulous fashion hobo-style handbags with images from my tarot decks.  It gets better!  Proceeds from the sales of these fashionista fundamentals will go to our favorite charities, the Benicia-Vallejo Humane Society and the ARC-Solano.  Stay tuned for these must-haves.  Pictures will be posted here.

Best wishes!

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