Sunday, May 16, 2010

At Long Last, Love

I knew a man, but not so very well,

His secret he could to no one tell,

Until his kind and fluffy wife did expire

Then would he choose to show himself entire.

He bought the finest fitted outerwear

And traveled freely first class everywhere

In pent up rage, with once-hidden love aglow

And a well-formed paid companion in tow.

Cancer. In vanity he could not bear to endure

Disfigurement that might have meant a cure,

He learned almost too late his family’s devotion,

Fortune spent, neither nature nor choice the magic potion.

Truth will out, often with a sharp blade at its side.

Closet’s closest friend, the mirror, hangs outside.

The fragrance of the violet is forgiveness’ scent.

Oh spring up gently towards us, twig, when you are bent.

It was not the secret that swordlike ran us through,

But the fury aimed at all his own when he at last was true.

The Moon shows but one face to us from up above.

How far must we all travel until, at long last, love?

For him and for those who loved him, who are dear to me.
Best wishes.

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  1. Tһе Death card іn tһе tarot card deck һаѕ bееn used іn movies tο illicit fеаr іn even tһе braveѕt οf heroes. Usually, іt comes wіtһ background music tһаt enhances tһе feeling οf impending doom fοr tһе viewer. One glance аt tһе imagery οf tһе Death card саn send a chill through tһе questioner, a gasp, a shudder, аnԁ аn immediate feeling οf something ԁаrk аnԁ sinister encroaching іntο tһе room. :)