Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Cups

Today gratitude fills our cup and turkey or other delights fill our tummies and football reaches one if its “max out” moments for me. I don’t mind so much though because it is a time of relaxation after overindulgence, a little break from the breakneck pace of work, a time of snoozing through the best memories of our family lives and a time of reflection. For instance, since I snore like a freight train myself, I never complain about my husband’s snoring. It’s the white noise I hear that lets me know that everything is OK.

So, since my cup runneth over, or tippeth over with help of furry friends or sudden gestures, I reflect on the tarot cups and being thankful. Oh, and we don’t have to go around the table and say what we’re thankful for. I watched Dexter on Showtime recently and I want to make sure that there’s no need to evaluate gratitude for its quality and completeness.

• I’m thankful for the love in my life and for having never given up on finding it. (Ace of Cups)

• I’m thankful that I looked for love for myself personally, sometimes in the wrong places and sometimes in the right ones. I took chances. I took breaks. I tried and failed, more than once. It took a while, but I finally found my true love. Surprisingly enough he isn’t feline or made of chocolate, but is a real human being! (Two of Cups)

• I’m thankful for my friends, some of whom have slipped away without me, some of whom have stayed for appetizers, drinks, entrée and dessert with a fantastic decaf mocha with extra whipped cream. You know who you are. (Three of Cups)

• I’m thankful that I didn’t get caught up in the trap of being bored that seems so fashionable. How can I be bored with all this going on? And I’m thankful that I can pause from time to time and revel just enough in what I have without needing more more more. (Four of Cups)

• I’m thankful that I’ve been able to pull out of the depths of remorse for things that didn’t work, that might have been. We all have sorrows and we all have joys. It is up to us to face them both and decide which to make closest to our hearts. So, even if it irritates half of humanity, I’m thankful that I’m an optimist. My cup isn’t half full; it’s filling up all the time. (Five of Cups)

• I’m thankful for the memories. Memories are such wonderful things. They can be polished and refinished so they shine with the best parts. They can be hosed off, dusted, blow dried, and put in favorable lighting to show off their good sides. They are a gift you give yourself. I’m thankful that my memories are still in easy access and pray for those whose memories are fugitives in the storm of illness. I’m thankful for my Inner Child and her heroes like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mighty Mouse and Fiona from both Shrek and Burn Notice. (Six of Cups)

• I’m thankful for the many choices I’ve had and made, some good, some not so. I’m thankful for some of those unanswered prayers too. They have made me what I am today. And I still have more choices! (Seven of Cups)

• I’m thankful that my life has led me through many side roads and thankful for those things and people that I loved and left because it was my path to move on. I miss my mom, my step-mom and my dad, those wonderful, talented, spirited, imperfect people who tried their best. May those who think of me when I am gone forgive my imperfections too. They are many. I always wondered why I had to leave my grade-school paradise in Florida. Well, of course! It was for this great adventure. (Eight of Cups)

• I’m thankful for the things that give me joy: My husband, my pets, my house, my tarot cards, my needlework, my books, my friends, my work. My joy surrounds me like my bed full of stuffed toys and teddy bears. I’m personally thankful for the invention of pumpkin pie. Okra, Dr Pepper, root beer, watermelon not so much, but pumpkin pie is a big thumbs up. (Nine of Cups)

• I’m thankful for my family, here and beyond, by blood, by marriage, by choice. Basically, I’m happy to be here with them. It is not a famous life. It is not a wealthy life. Those things don’t matter to me. I am happiest to see my family happy, to bring a little joy or laughter or new thought or solace into their lives. It is a life of thanksgiving. (Ten of Cups)

Best wishes.

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